Montajes y Estampaciones Metálicas, S.L. is a Company founded on 04th October 2007.
Our shareholders are Mercedes-Benz, S.A.U. and Grupo Estampaciones Sabadell, S.L.
We manufacture the floor frames for the Mercedes Benz V-Class and Vito to the hightest quality standards, thanks to a very professional team and the most eficient processes.


Every day inside our two productions buildings at Esparraguera (Barcelona), a team of highly qualified professionals strive to attain the very best products, the highest quality standards through learning and working toghether.



Technical data:

  • Total Area: 28.415 m2.
  • Built-up Area: 14.750 m2.
  • Welding subgroup production by means of:
    • point-type.
    • MAG-type.
    • Protuberance-type.
  • Production processes automated with 98 industrial robots.
  • 48 different types of floor frames.
  • Cycle time target: 90s.
  • Technical capacity: 107.000 units/year (2 shifts of 8 hours and 220 days/year).
  • Daily production 3 shifts 700 units/day.


Guided by Mercedes Benz values: Passion, Integrity, Respect and Discipline, we have built a team where pragmatism, commitment, respect and enthusiasm are ingrained in MEM’s character.

We are eager to learn and become an outstanding company.





Montajes y Estampaciones Metálicas S.L.

Pol. Ind. Can Roca
Carrer Torn, 24-28
08292 Esparreguera


+34 937 778 712

Directive Team Welcome


Dear Sir/Madam,


It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to the web page of Montajes y Estampaciones Metálicas, S.L.


Since the Company was founded on 4th October 2007, as a joint venture with the participation of Mercedes – Benz, S.A.U. and Grupo Estampaciones Sabadell S.L., our specialists manufacture 140.000 floor frames and subsets every year for the Mercedes-Benz V-Class and Vito model, all the time maintaining the highest standards of constructive accuracy and quality.


Over the past year, Montajes y Estampaciones Metálicas has consolidated its position as the main supplier for Mercedes-Benz Vans by virtue of its outstanding competence in welding. Over 350 employees make up the total workforce at our site in Esparraguera, Barcelona.


We would like to express our most sincere gratitude to all members of staff for their outstanding work and dedication. A special mention must go to every man and woman who, through their passion, discipline, integrity and respect, define the soul of the Company. We wish Montajes y Estampaciones Metálicas, every success in the future and hope they may continue to overcome all of the challenges that lay in their path.


Best regards

Xavi Potrony
Juan Guerrero
Jaume Bonet Balaguer
Emilio Titos
Rainer Böhm
Pablo Madinabeitia
Julio Navarro
Mariona Bonet
Ignaci Ejío
Diego Benito